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    Coming Season Empty Coming Season

    Post  GM Darren Orion on Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:58 pm

    Hey Everyone!

    We're coming upon a brand new season soon! I would like to thank everyone who has pariticpated and made SCW's first season a great one! There are few things I'd like to adress though!

    1. I would like roleplay to be in proper English grammar please. No errors and no computer speak (i.e. lyk dis or sum udder shyt). This will make it easier for me and the VGMs to edit the shows and create the storylines

    2. Feuds need to come through me first from now on. I would love to give you all free reign as to who you face, but clearly that doesn't work because a lot of people were confused as to who was feuding. As was I at times. So please address me first before you go ahead with a feud. So it's essentially a first come first serve basis thing.

    3. Roleplay. I need a whole lot more of it. Whether it has to do with feuds, or just to have an interview. I want you to roleplay. Don't get discouraged if yours doesn't get into the show, but just do a few and we'll see what gets in. We will have almost 45 superstars soon and that's alot to consider for roleplay. So if you're not roleplaying then you'll find your contract ended when it expires. I know that sounds brash and harsh, but it's the truth. please Please PLEASE!! Roleplay!

    4. Know the direction of your wrestler and be in constant contact with the person you're feuding with so that they know what'll be going on. That's the best way to get things done. It'll make things smoother and look better when it's all ready.

    5. Be active in the forum. I will try to be as active as possible to answer any questions or concerns that you are having. It's what I'm here for. So don't hesitate in contacting me. If you haven't visited or registered go to: scwrestling.forumotion.com

    6. Make sure you're check all of the subjects on the forum. Currently, in General Discussion, I have a poll going for what the first specialty match should be. And I would love the input of everyone for this! Remember Majority rules...

    7. Any suggestions for new things (storylines, matches, feuds, etc.) should be sent to me here and on the forum so that I will get it for sure! So please get on the forum and roleplay!

    8. Roleplay set up. Please follow the guidelines I've set. Your roleplay should look something like post 17 at this link:


    Look at that and model your roleplays after it! This was one of the best that I had seen that had followed the roleplay guidelines best!
    So I reiterate, please visit the forum,register and roleplay!
    SCW can't be any good without you guys!



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