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    not so elementary...

    vic vega
    vic vega

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    not so elementary... Empty not so elementary...

    Post  vic vega on Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:18 pm

    I know i haven't discussed this with you darren, so please correct me if i messed up...

    Chewing on his toothpick, with his hands in the trench coat pockets, Vic Vega is walking down a hall of the office building of the SCW, asking about the GM Darren Orion...

    Vic Vega: Hey, there, ummm... ma'am, have you seen the GM today?

    SCW intern: No, errrr, mister...?

    Vic Vega: Vega, Vic Vega.

    SCW intern: No, mr. Vega he's not due in his office for another hour.

    The Toothpick's face lights up a bit, as this is the best news he's heard in a while, but a certain shadow still remains about him.

    Vic Vega: Thanks doll...

    Vic leaves the blushing employee in a hurry and walks away, but not towards the exit, but starts heading for the elevator...

    Wee see his face as the elevator door closes, with a grin he mumbles to himself:

    Vic Vega: And now for some answers...

    The elevator door opens on the top floor and the corridor is empty, we can only see Vic's head as he looks left and right, checking if he was alone on the floor, it is still pretty early, and even the cleaning lady hasn't reached the top floors. Vic quickly tiptoes to Darren's office, he tries the door with a gloved hand, but of course, the door is locked. In a heartbeat Vic drops to one knee and pulls a metal pin from his trench coat, puts it in the lock and takes a toothpick from his mouth with the other hand. After a couple of seconds of tinkering with the lock Vic is in the dark office. Cautiously and quietly closes the door and turns the light on. Looks around the office and mumbles...

    Vic Vega: Now where could those personnel files be...?

    He sees a locker and immediately goes for the first drawer and starts searching frantically...

    Vic Vega: I hope it's alphabetically arranged...

    After some time of searching Vic gets annoyed, looking around the room now messed up with papers...

    Vic Vega: Where is it?! Damn it I've checked all these AND his desk, there are everyone's files but not his, why ...

    Vic quickly turns to the door as a key is in the lock and turning...
    The door is opening and Vic realizes he has nowhere to run and tries to think of a good excuse, but nothing comes to mind, he simply sits in the GM's chair a makes a game face...

    Darren Orion: That's strange, the door is un... Darren opens the door and sees Vic in his chair, and is furious ...What the hell IS THIS, who the hell do you think YOU ARE and what the hell are you doing in MY chair!!!!

    Vic Vega: Whoa, whoa there chief, I ain't here to take your place, i just came here to get some answers, now, ...why don't you have the file on Abysoss in your office?

    Vic speaks in a calm voice and Darren starts giggling to himself all of a sudden. Vic is frowning.

    Darren Orion: I don't owe you anything, you brake into my office and now, caught red handed, you want answers... pffft... First of all - you should have asked me for it first, and of course I wouldn't have given it to you, second - why do you think you have the right to see anybody's file, let alone his...

    Vic jumps from the chair.

    Vic Vega: Why, what's so special about him and his file, what am I not supposed to know!?

    Darren Orion: Oh, you'll find out soon enough, or did you think you could come to my company without a counterpart to "look after" you on my behalf.

    Vic looks furious and just mutters.

    Vic Vega: This isn't over...

    Darren Orion: By the way, in case you're wondering, i won't press charges, or bring any kind of sanctions against you, the torture of being in the dark should be enough, (whispers to himself) that and the torture Abysoss has in stored for you, now get OUT OF MY OFFICE, before I KICK YOU OUT!

    Vic looks confused and angry gives one last look at the grinning General Manager, without a word just flicks a toothpick at Darren and storms out of the office and building.

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    not so elementary... Empty Re: not so elementary...

    Post  tonyblacky on Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:15 pm

    Tony: Darren I need a submission match agianst that retard who calls himself the "toothpick"

    Darren: and why should I give you this match

    ************Tony whispers into to Darren's ear******************************

    Darren: OK that's reason enough

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    shane sebastian
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    not so elementary... Empty Re: not so elementary...

    Post  shane sebastian on Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:55 pm

    tonyblacky wrote:[color=red]Tony: Darren I need a match a match agianst that retard who calls himself the "toothpick"

    Darren: and why should I give you this match

    ************Tony whispers into to Darren's eat******************************

    Darren: OK that's reason enough

    So a two falls match?

    are you harrasing Darren's poor food.

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    not so elementary... Empty Re: not so elementary...

    Post  tonyblacky on Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:15 pm

    o wow I messed up, didn't I lol

    I'll edit it

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    not so elementary... Empty Re: not so elementary...

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