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    RP Guidelines(Part 2)

    Skye Ignati
    Skye Ignati

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    RP Guidelines(Part 2) Empty RP Guidelines(Part 2)

    Post  Skye Ignati on Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:07 pm

    Hello All,

    My Name is Skye Ignati...Well That's my Wrestling name.

    You bunch can just call me George.

    I am one of the VGM of SCW, as Well as the Head of Wreckage.

    Basicilly if you want to get something on the Wreckage Show, I usually am the one that looks in over, checks errors, and Approves of it. (Unless I'm in Brazil, then things get hectic)

    Anyways, I am Here to write the second Part of the RP Guidelines, The small stuff that makes the big impact.


    Now, For the show, we have Two Announcers

    Heel(Bad Man): Kevin Johnson

    Face (Nice Man) : Jacob Dean


    Also, We have a few Interviewers

    Anna: Nice Interviewer

    Lindsay: Bitchy Interviewer

    Johnny Rodriguez: Interview who is often picked on(Because men don't beat up women...Also Heel)


    Finally the show has it's Referee

    Jessica: Wreckage Referee


    Shayla: SCW Referee

    This is the Staff, they are the people that don't exist and you get to use


    This is just some very Basic stuff that we forgot to Cover in the first RP Guideline's(I was suppose to work with Juggulo J. to make it, but I couldn't get to my comp, and he forgot a few small things...it he's human...at least now he is)

    First things first.

    Color coding is your Friend.

    Choose ONE Color to be the color for your RP's. It will be the color that Your character speaks as. Mine for example is Indigo. Also, place your name in front what you say.
    Skye: Darren? Why are you doing this? This is the exact opposite of what you used to stand for...you disgust me!

    (I use Darren in a lot of my examples because I have RP-ed with him since Before SCW)

    Italicize it!

    very Important!!! Your actions require Italics.

    Skye ran down to ringside, pushing past Tony Blacky and Nero bank$ and sliding into the ring.

    Italics and coloring make it so the there is more visible change in a RP. It's all about catching a reader's eye. DON'T COLOR YOUR ACTION...with the constant change between colors and black, and the use of different shapes in the RP, the reader stays hooked...(Took a few courses in Visual + learned some of this in an Advertisement class)

    That's all for now, If you have any questions at all, please, message me at Anytime. Also, I got a Facebook, and most people use Facebook,

    So if you happen to have one, you can simply find me, I am George Groussis....I don't think there is any more grounds to cover so....GOOD LUCK!!!

    Signed VGM of SCW, and Head of Wreckage,

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