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    A meeting filled with Dominance

    A meeting filled with Dominance 10-93
    "Dangerous" Justin Payne

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    A meeting filled with Dominance Empty A meeting filled with Dominance

    Post  "Dangerous" Justin Payne on Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:08 pm

    The camera pans around a room filled with elegance. A picture is hung on the wall, showing "The Star" Darren Orion's first win in SCW. The camera keeps moving until it finally stops onto a desk with three people surrounding it. Those three people, were none other than The Breed of Dominance themselves. The camera focuses on Nero Bank$, then moves over slightly to show Juggalo J, and finally comes to rest "The Star" Darren Orion.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: So.. boys. What happened at Midsummer's Nightmare was one-hundred percent perfect. Juggalo, you tricked Skye so bad. I actually thought that you were going to kill me after that vicious boot that got dug right into Nero's face.

    Juggalo J: Why, thank you sir.

    Nero Bank$: The only thing is, Juggalo, don't actually kick me like you did.

    Juggalo J: Well, I had to make it look real.

    Nero stares at Juggalo intensely.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: Guys, stop it. Listen, tonight, here on SCW, we will finish the job, as tonight, Skye will be stuck into a three on one Gauntlet match.

    Nero and Juggalo smile viciously.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: The first person to come out will be Nero, then Juggalo will come out, then... finally... Everyone's favorite General Manager, the SCW Global Champion, "The Star" Darren Orion.

    Darren, Nero, and Juggalo chuckle menacingly as the camera fades to the ring.

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