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    A messege to the gm


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    A messege to the gm Empty A messege to the gm

    Post  afrojoe on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:17 pm

    darren orion is in his office reading the new contracts that he has received. He ets to the last contract and a video was connected to it.

    Darren: Hmmm Afro Joe. I wonder what this has on it.

    He puts the cd into the player. The screen is snowy in the beginning. The screen clears up. A few people are sitting in the locker room

    Afro Joe: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cough cough cough oh man that was fuuuny...huh u got the camera on damn turn the light off.

    The screen becomes black. a spotlight is shined on Afro Joe as he sits in the middle of the room

    Afro Joe: AFROOOOO JOOOOOE IS HERE. Who is Afro Joe you may ask. Well...

    A light is flashed in Afro Joe's eye

    Afro Joe: Alright WHO DID THAT. AFRO JOE IS TRYIN TO DO THE DAMN PROMO AND YOU SHINE A LIGHT IN AFRO JOE'S FACE DURING IT? Afro Joe looks aroundYOU Afro joe looks at his fist as he remembers all the pain he has been through and hits White Trash in the face with a violent blow
    and grabs his opponent around the neck as he continues to bash White Trash's face executing MORTAL Fist Of Rage!! HMPH Let Afro Joe get to the point. Afro Joe heard that there is a vacant title. The SCW Junior Championship. Heh Afro Joe wants the title. Oh Wait what is this?

    Afro Joe reaches behind himself and pulls out a belt

    Afro Joe: Looky here. Afro Joe has the title. It dont matter what you set up for tha title, Afro Joe has it and it looks nice around Afro Joe waist. So if any of think that Afro Joe will give it back easily heh you are very mistaken my friend. If you feel that you can get at Afro Joe get at Afro Joe YA FEEL ME!!!

    The screen fazes out

    ooc: ok guys i know there is a pat in there where i hit white trash and it really looks racist but its not i copied and paste the finisher from match i had before i wrote the rp an it so happend to be white trash and when i read it i died laughing so its a strange coincidence. well peace.

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