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    adam streets

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    Post  adam streets on Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:44 pm

    Darren is sitting in his office at his desk. he hears a knock on the door.

    Darren: Come in.

    Adam streets enters, staring at darren

    Darren: Look kid, i don't have time for games. i have a lot of work to do. so if you don't have anything important, get out of my office

    Adam:yo, Darren, i know that your the gm, but that's no way to talk to your top superstar

    Darren: Top superstar? Who are you?

    Adam:I'll tell you my name once, and i promise you won't forget it. my name is adam streets. i want a match tonight. you can put me up against anyone on the roster, and i will destroy them. Even you

    Darren: Whoa kid, i'll admit you got guts. so, you know what? you can have your match tonight. now get out off my office

    Adam leaves with a smirk on his face

    this is my first time role playing, so i might not be very good. tell me how i can improve. thank you
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    Post  "Dangerous" Justin Payne on Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:41 pm

    Not too bad for your first time, but try doing this.


    "The Star" Darren Orion is shown sitting at his desk, looking through papers. Someone knocks on his door.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: I'm busy.

    The person knocks on his door again.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: I said that I'm busy!

    The person, yet again, knocks on his door.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: Alright! Come in!

    In walks a man (NOTE: I'm just making this up, but I'm using your name. I don't know what your dude looks like) wearing a black t-shirt and denim jeans. He has elbow pads and his wrestling boots on. He has spiked, blue hair and blue contacts. He has multiple scars on his face, showing that he has been in many hardcore matches.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: Who the hell are you? You look like some ridiculous sideshow at a circus. What the hell do you want?

    ???: Listen, Darren, I know that you're the Owner of SCW, but that is certainly no way to talk to your top superstar!

    "The Star" Darren Orion: My top sup... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!

    ???: I'm only going to tell you this once, and you'll never forget it. But I'm Adam Streets, and I want a match... tonight. You can choose any superstar on the roster, and I guarentee that I will beat him down. I don't care if it's The SCW All-Star Champion, Conkster. Or even if it's you.

    "The Star" Darren Orion: So you say that you can beat anyone, huh? Well, I'll give you the match tonight. But, if you lose, YOU'RE FIRED! NOW GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!

    Adam Streets looks at the door, smiles, then slowly exits the office. The camera fades to the ring.


    Obviously, that's just me doing it. You can modify it however you want. But I'm just showing you an example. Oh, don't forget to look at the RP Guidelines in the Announcements Section for more hints!!

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