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    Post  GM Darren Orion on Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:48 pm

    The camera fades into the General Manager's office. His desk is uninhabited. The camera pans right to the corner of the office where The Star's personal locker stands. He is dressed to compete and is putting the finishing touches on his hair; the blue and black duffle bag at his feet. As Darren slides his elbow pads on, "The Gracelander" enters the camera's view.

    "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: Boss man, ya lookin' pretty bad-tastic. You're lookin' like you're a-ready for a fight.

    Darren turns to Brandon. He picks up the duffle bag.

    Darren Orion: I am. Tonight we're going to put Nero and the rest of Wreckage on notice that Misery is the real show. We're going to give them something to scream about. Especially when we make them both tap!

    Brandon smirks and Darren grabs his RayBans.

    "The Gracelander" Brandon Hedley: You want me to come -

    Darren raises his hand. Brandon quickly goes silent.

    Darren Orion: No, I can't let my little...est superstars put themselves in the line of fire for myself. I can handle myself Gracelander. You just get yourself ready...I'll see you before our match.

    Darren leaves his office, leaving "The Gracelander" to follow him quizzically with his eyes.

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