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    delte me
    delte me

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    Post  delte me on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:02 pm

    umm first darren can you send my bro and his tag partner a invite they say that you havent sent one adn they really want to join this fed they roleplay as much as i do and if they join then if i win the junior title we can start a rivairly with them 2 attacking and hurting me and they both try to take it from me in 1 on 1 matches because we dont have handicap match
    Skye Ignati
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    Post  Skye Ignati on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:31 pm

    Ok, Ryan, this area is used for RP posts that take place in the GMs Room,

    The door to Darren's office was pushed open and a figure walked in

    Jacob- What's he doing there?

    Kevin- probably here to kiss ass for another chance at the title

    The person walks up to Darren's desk, the chair facing the opposite direction of the desk.

    Skye- What the hell was that Darren, a handicap match, I thought we had a deal!

    Darren- You should have known better then to try and back stab me Skye, I don't take well to those actions

    Skye- You better pray to god that at Dismal Dawn, that you and I don't meet, because if we do, I AM GOING TO BREAK YOU!

    Skye walks out the door, anger written on his face as he slams the door so that it is barely on it's hinges

    So don't use this for asking the GM about little things or favor, whatever, that is what Private Messages are for!
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