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    Aftermath of 1st Show

    Zac Pantera
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    Aftermath of 1st Show Empty Aftermath of 1st Show

    Post  Zac Pantera on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:33 pm

    Darren is doing paperwork. He looks up to see a disgruntled Wonton.
    Wonton-What in the hell did I to you. Telling me that you hoped I got beaten down. I didn't demand the match! That retarded Laguana Maruko demanded it.
    Darren-I don't care you lost the match fair and square.
    Wonton-I don't give a shit. You telling me that I won't get a shot at the Wreckage Title.
    Darren-That's exactly it.
    Wonton punches Orion.
    Wonton-I'm getting in that match
    Wonton walks out
    Darren-You sniveling punk.

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