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    Post  Laguna Maruko on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:01 pm

    To All of SCW:

    Please be advised that SCW now has a new forum that is up and running at full speed:


    The forum is all set and ready to go!

    Make sure that you favorite the site or write it down. This forum will not be deleted so that you all can transfer YOUR information to the new one. Yes, you will be entrusted to re-enter your own info under your own posts.

    So please, make sure you go and register, check it out, and transfer all of your old information (or make create new information) to the new site.

    *******************REMINDER FROM DARREN ORION*******************

    If you plan on excelling and accelerating in SCW as a champion/known superstar... you MUST register. MUST. If you want to be featured and decorated as a superstar, registering to the forum is just Step 1. Step 2 is establish yourself and provide roleplays that will excel you into the limelight. If you follow everything that we have provided you (INCLUDING A BRAND NEW ROLEPLAY GUIDE!!!!!) you are a sure shot to reach wherever you need.

    Alright folks, take some time and check this all out! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me.


    Darren Orion

    *******************END OF THE GM'S MESSAGE*******************

    It is very imperative, guys, that you go and register before the new season begins. This WILL be the new forum from here on out, and if you're still dawdling here, you're going to be pretty upset for not being used in shows.


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