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    hey darren - a question

    vic vega
    vic vega

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    hey darren  - a question Empty hey darren - a question

    Post  vic vega on Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:17 am

    is it ok if i do a roleplay where i come out demanding a match with abysoss for scw and you come out and refuse to make, instead give me a match with whoever, which ends with aby attacking me and a dq or whatever, and then, maybe on wreckage or the same night you make a match for midsummer with some stakes in it - like i win he has to take off his mask and i find out who he really is (i also have a story for that) and if he wins i become his slave or something, have to tag with him, intervene in his matches and don't find out why he has a grudge against me ...

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